Behold the wonderful collection, known as “CHAQUIRA SALVAJE, Ritual Techniques’, which embodies the ancient art of weaving magical Toho beads into fascinating Amazonian patterns. Through the act of weaving, knotting and creating ties, we enter a sacred space of connection of worlds and transcendence of borders. These beads, or chaquira, carry a rich history dating back to the time of the European conquest and were once used as a means of mystical communication with the feminine energies of the universe. It is said that through the exchange of beads and knowledge a powerful alchemy is produced, revealing the divine secrets of design and technique. In this collection, we seek to honor this ancient tradition by capturing the untamed spirit of the Amazon, weaving a tapestry of mysticism and wonder.

Fabrics with beads or beads refer to ties that link worlds, this raw material dates to the conquest, the arrival of Europeans to America. They were used as a communication link with women, it is an exchange, they provide the beads, and they provide their knowledge about the design and technique. We approach this work of ancestral weaving, reproducing the wildlife of our Amazon.

Materials: toho beads and silver.

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