A set of stylistic variations around the motley Moche animal farm, where entities summoned by their iconography are loaded of very precise meanings and mythical functions.

There where the owl and the eagle were associated with sacramental functions or leadership, for example, in the case of the frog, its image was linked to the fertility rites. And if the hummingbird embodied the messenger between divinity and humans, the snake could represent intelligence or inner strength.

The spider, for its part, was the symbol of calculation and perfection, the meticulous weaver of worlds, although in some shamanic ceremonies were also identified with the divinatory arts.The dragonfly, in turn, traveled eternally between the three planes of this worldview: the sky or world above (Hanan Pacha), the earth or the world of the present (Kay Pacha) and the underworld or the dead’s world (Uku Pacha). Materials: 18k gold, semi-precious and precious stones.

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